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Hello dearest. It’s lovely to connect with you here. Feel free to browse around & check out what’s on offer.


 About me


Hi, I’m Jennifer! A self-taught visual artist, self-publisher, and creativity coach passionate about helping empaths heal & thrive through embodying their full creative potentials.

I travel and create from artist residencies and gives talks & workshops based on the Empathic Wisdom Cards.

Reclaiming my creativity completely transformed my life.

Truth is, the act of creating is an essential part of being human. No matter the technique, disclipline, or medium, the core of creativity helps us digest emotionally and spiritually.

To prioritize creative living is to say YES to our deepest desires. The desire to express life as I see and feel it moment by moment.

To me, cultivating artistry means the commitment to living from the heart and my highest vision no matter what.

Nothing fills my heart more than seeing how others are healing and empowering themselves through their unique creativity.

I love seeing others celebrate their gifts and inspiring those around them.

It’s truly an irreplaceable feeling and both a privilege and a birthright we all have.

Today my life based in Amsterdam is filled with time in the studio painting abstract art pieces, facilitating clients who wish to expand their creative spark, collaborating with artists from across disciplines and sharing my journey online.

*I am currently the resident artist @ OT301! Come visit my open studio and say hi!


Do you want to carve out YOUR unique creative career?

I help multi-talented, inspiring and ambitious creatives find peace with their creative identity, thrive in their creative manifestations, and design a life that celebrate the full range of their creative potentials.

As an artist and creative entrepreneur myself, I know how confronting it can be to navigate the storms of confusion, resistance, fear, and all forms of self-sabotage that gets in the way of our creating.

I’ve been on a long journey of learning, healing, growing, detouring and facing the perils every creative person is confronted with, I’d love to support you on your journey.

I specialise and help creators of all kind to:

  • Discover & ground in WHY they create

  • Build creative confidence and trust in their intuition

  • Transform habits and get into mindset that supports creative flow

  • Develop a deeper understanding of their own creative process

  • Clarify their creative vision (concepting, brainstorming, and crystallising)

  • Dream big & anchor embodied intentions from the heart

  • Experiment with strategies for managing fear, self-sabotage, and creative anxieties

  • Build their brand & online presence THEIR way

I love the intimacy of working 1 on 1 where all I’ve learnt is at the service of helping you manifest your creative dreams. I know how powerful it is to have that level of support because that’s how I transformed and stepped into my power.

If you want to explore working with me, feel free to contact me directly and we’ll go from there!



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